Inverter Welder Revolution - Part 7, Comparing Everlast Multi-Process Welders

The inverter welder revolution part 7: Comparison of the Everlast Multi-Process MTS series versus similar units in the industry continued.

As forward thinking as our new Power MTS series already are in comparison to the competition, we decided to go one step further to keep our berth on top of the pile secure. Our new Power MTS 251S has a feature that is often reserved for much more expensive and larger inverter power sources. The Power MTS features a selectable pulse mode. The unit is capable of TIG welding in a pulse mode. This feature can be used to control heat and improve bead appearance while in TIG mode. We’ve listened to our customers on this one and began planning a new unit with TIG pulse capability. TIG pulse will definitely be a helpful addition to the unit. But, we felt that if we were adding TIG pulse to the unit, why not go ahead and add MIG pulse to the unit? That’s exactly what we did. We added a single pulse (not pulse on pulse) to the MTS unit. The MIG pulse feature of course, is designed to be used with axial spray arc welding so that out of position welds can be made. This will not only improve weldability on thinner materials in spray but will also help somewhat in improving the MIG bead appearance. In both the TIG and MIG mode, frequency, pulse time on, TIG pulse amps, and MIG pulse volts are adjustable. You won’t find these features on similar products from Miller, Lincoln, or Thermal Arc. ESAB lacks this as well, though they’ve made quite a few advances in the inverter industry. Over the past few postings, We’ve taken a close look at the Power MTS as one part of what we see as the revolution of the inverter welders. But really, the digitally controlled Power MTS 211si and the Power MTS 251si are as much a part of an internal revolution in the inverter welder market as they are a part of the larger revolution and transition to inverter welders from transformer welders.

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