Importance of Welding earth Connection

Welding is the process wherein, two or more work pieces are joined together under high pressure and electricity with the help of a molten solution and certain welding tools. A certain specific welding technique is followed depending upon the type of materials that is to be joined together. These work pieces are mostly some kind of metal or alloy. Thus it is very clear that in order to create a strong joint between the work pieces, large heat energy and electricity along with precision is required to create a perfect weld.

The basic idea behind we is a simple electric circuit where you attach the earth clamp to one end of the metal pieces being welded and then as you bring the electrode closer to that place of the metal, you would establish an arc.

Thus you need the earth as well as the electrode to touch the work which completes the basic circuit. This step in welding process is very significant because if the earth connection is not good enough it can affect your welding procedure and experience. You might get injured badly as well in case there are any short circuits during the welding execution. So grind the small area around the metal piece and then establish the earth connection to avoid further issues while welding.