Getting ready for your new TIG welder. Part4

Even though Everlast Power i-TIG and Power TIG units come with a starter kit of consumables, these will not be enough and will likely limit the kind of TIG welding you desire to do. With this in mind, check out your local welding supply (lws) store. They will typically have a range of TIG welding consumables, all at very reasonable costs. To get several standard cups, collets and even collet bodies, you shouldn’t have to spend more than 20-25 dollars. These are pretty much standard fit across the industry, so you don’t have to worry about brand compatibility. Just make sure they fit your size of TIG torch. To do so, just identify which series torch you have 9 or 20 (smaller) or the 17/18/26 sizes. Just check your torch head on the side. The series number will be stamped or embossed. Everlast also carries TIG Kits that include a range of cups, collets, back caps, and even Tungsten that are available for purchase. These are usually priced between 45 and 50 dollars. If you are interested in getting the best arc and gas coverage, consider getting a gas lens kit. This will include a matched set of Cups, collets and gas lenses designed to fit your torch supplied your Everlast TIG welder, or any equivalent torch for that matter. Of course, these can be found other places online, or at your LWS. But beware, some gas lens kits can be quite spendy and include only a fraction of what you would get with an Everlast TIG Kit.


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