Everything you wanted to know related to Everlast Welders and Basic Welding Part 4

Everything you wanted to know related to Everlast and Basic Welding:  The Good, the Bad and the Important FAQ’s.  

Continuing to explore our list of welding FAQ’s about Everlast Power Equipment, the company,  and general welding questions, one of the more easy to answer questions  is: 

Does Everlast use quality parts and what do they cost to replace? 

Welders have never been cheap or simple to repair, if you are the type of person who has never studied the inner workings and physics of electricity.   But We’ve taken great strides to keep our parts cost affordable so repairing a welder makes more sense than buying a new one.  Unfortunately our competition does not feel that way.  Many times the competition’s  replacement cost for a single board or component is two thirds the cost or greater of a replacement welder or plasma cutter. Boards and main components for our units rarely exceed  one third of the cost, if that much.  The question remains.  Are the parts Everlast uses cheap, off brand junk?  No.  Actually Everlast prides itself on using name brand components, in many cases supplied directly from the manufacturer and not through a middle man purchase point.  No, these components are not clones, rip offs or other “shady” sources of parts.  We use, standard mainline companies such as Infineon, Fairchild, Texas Instruments, IXYS, Intersys, Supersemi-, Sharp, Panasonic, Tenta, Chint, Atmel and International Rectifier.  That’s not an exhaustive list, but covers many of the main components.  If you are not familiar with some of these brands a quick Google search can bring you up to speed.  What you’ll find is that many of these companies have a Silicone valley base or at least a strong worldwide presence in the electronics industry.  We do not private label and rebrand our parts so they become a proprietary component  and a nightmare to track down.  The standard part numbers are on the face of the components and can be easily purchased if the unit is out of warranty or you do not wish to purchase direct from Everlast. 


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