Common TIG Welding Issues, Hard Starting - Back To Welding Basics | Part 5

Common welding issues part 5. TIG: Hard startingTungsten contamination will cause difficult arc starting. A slight dip into the weld pool will cause arc starting difficulties on subsequent starts. Even after welding a while without dipping the tungsten, slight contamination can occur from impurities in the metal causing tiny bits flying bits of metal to bounce back onto the tungsten. This type of contamination is less obvious and more frustrating to figure out as the person welding may not be aware that this is occurring. Experienced TIG welders even fall prey to this from time to time. This happens gradually and the arc start may seem fine one time and then the next it may be all over the place. Accidentally dragging the tungsten across the metal while cold or hot, scratch starting before using HF starting, welding on metal with mill scale, anodization, plating and other surface finishes will quickly contaminate the tungsten without having an obvious “blob” at the tip. A light regrind may not remove all of it either and only gets ground down into the tugsten. It’s best to snip/break off the end of tungsten a regrind a fresh area. While on the subject of regrinding tungsten, a poorly ground tungsten can cause difficult starts as well. Grinding marks made radially around the tungsten will yield poor starts. Make sure the grinding marks run in line with the length of the tungsten. Roughly ground tungsten can also cause the arc to jump from somewhere unexpected and make the arc hard to initiate. Try using a chemical sharpener if you are experiencing problems with getting a good clean point on a tungsten. Yes, you want a point, even in AC with most inverter TIG welders. Creating a ball on the end will make for challenging arc starts as the HF will want to dance around and not find a stable path to initiate an arc.Everlast Power Equipment, your TIG welding experts.Learn more about TIG welding on our welding forum


Thanks for teaching basics welding stuffs, they were really very useful to me. Also, before you buy a welding machine please make sure that the welding macchine is according to your requirements or not. Som welding machines don't handle all types of metals, you have to be specific in this regards.....



Thanks for sharing this article about welding techniques. I am an electrical engineer and helping students to learn more through this website. I have found a piece of inspirational material for our educated peoples.

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