Choosing cutting requirements:

Today we use a lot of products that has been manufactured by industrial sectors. They play a daily routine providing us with basic essentials such as tube lights, ceiling fan, air conditioners and other heavier mechanical products. In general we use all electrical, electronic and mechanical accessories to lead a comfortable life. We might also be involved in the production of these products. Thus if we are running an industry which manufactures these products, I am sure that we all know about the procedures and processes involved in manufacturing. Manufacturing these products involves cutting and molding of several metals and alloys. Machines have evolved over the years to meet the aid of industries. So have the technologies involved. They are also user friendly and easy to operate.

There are number of cutting equipments to choose from for several different purposes. For example, manufacturing pipes, involves cutting of steel, Poly-vinyl Chloride plastics etc. These cutting equipments come in two forms as fully automated and semi automated. Semi automated ones require manual assistance. You usually would come across cutting steel, aluminium, copper, tungsten, nickel, stainless steel, titanium and other alloys etc. These metals are either ferrous or non-ferrous. Before you get involved with cutting and joining these metals, we should have a clear idea of what we are trying to manufacture and which metal suits it best. Then you should have a vivid idea about what kind of welding you are going to use. You can use MIG or TIG welding techniques. Purchase the apt tools for accomplishing the task and use them appropriately.


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