A Basic Understanding Of TIG Welding, How Tig Welding Works

The basics of how TIG welding works

TIG welding, sometimes referred to Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) is the process of using electric arc with a TIG electrode made of tungsten which do not dissolve or burn off when welding. When TIG welding you are simply melting metall together without using a filler metal as you do with MIG welding. TIG is relied upon commonly when you are welding stainless steel or simliar light metals,TIG is also often chosen because it does not require filler metal that can cause contamintation in the metal.

While TIG welding is more difficult to learn and master than MIG Welding, TIG provides greater control with your welds and many find it leads to stronger and higher quality welds.

In the video below we'll show you the Power TIG 255EXT TIG welder in action

Unlike MIG welders that use a spool or metal that feeds through the MIG welding gun, TIG welders rely on a TIG torch that a tungsten electrode is placed inside of. To see how to assemble a TIG torch, watch the video below.


Great blog, very well explained for anyone new to to tig welding. 

Great blog, very well explained for anyone new to to tig welding. 

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