What Equipment You Need For Tig Welding Supplies

What Equipment You Need For Tig Welding Supplies

TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas welding process. Tungsten metal is steel gray in color and has the highest melting point. An arc of electricity is created between the tungsten electrode and the material that has to be welded and thus welding takes place. During the process, the filler metal is placed in the pool of molten metal. An air or water cooled torch is keeps the tungsten electrode or rod in place while being connected to the welder, during TIG welding.

The equipments needed for TIG welding are:

1. A welding torch is used by the welder. This is connected to the power supply. The connection is formed by means of hoses. These hoses are used for sending power, shielding gas sources and also for supplying torch water. The torch has all the safety features. It has a device to insulate it from heat and electricity. It is heat resistant and also protects the welder.
2. Power is very essential. This is supplied by alternating current in some cases. This is helpful as it does not allow the tungsten electrode to overheat.
3. The tungsten electrode can stand a lot of heat. It is non consumable, which means that it will not be destroyed in the process of welding, but will have some burn off. This is used to give current from the torch to the contact point on the metal.
4. The shielding gas is also important. It helps to protect the material from gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. These gases can cause defects in the material being welded. This gas transfers heat by the electrode to the metal, thus forming an arc of electricity.
5. The safety aspects of welding should be followed. Protective gear should be worn. This includes, goggles to protect from intense light while welding, protective gloves and dress to protect from heat and burns and welding helmet to protect the face. Care should be taken to have protection from the fumes that come out of welding. You should also have protection from electric shocks and exposure to ultraviolet rays. The intense heat and light emitted during welding should be carefully handled; otherwise it will be difficult for the person doing welding.

While TIG welding, you should pay attention to keeping the base metal clean. If this is not done, porosity can occur. Porosity can also occur due to improper shielding gas coverage, the use of wrong filler metal or shielding gas and or too much heat. To have proper equipment, you should check whether the hose has no cracks or leaks. This can be checked using soapy water. If the hose is damaged in way, it should be replaced. The shielding gas flow rate should be 10 to 20 cubic feet per hour for proper coverage. The right amperage should also be used. The right proportion would be to use 10 amps for every one thousandth of an inch of metal. If all these factors are kept in mind and the correct equipment bought for the welding supplies, then you can your work done efficiently. 

High quality welding is possible with TIG welding. Use of proper equipment and following the correct safety aspects will help the welder in performing proper welding. Be sure to get certified equipments that adhere to the safety laws of the state and follow the state rules for welding.