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EVERLAST is a preferred destination for welding parts, equipment and accessories. The company is a leading manufacturer of MIG and TIG welders, Plasma Cutters, and Arc and Diesel Generators. EVERLAST also manufactures and sells a wide range of multi-purpose units for plasma cutter and welders.

  Here are 10 reasons why you should become an EVERLAST dealer::

EVERLAST manufactures and sells quality welders and generators. These welders and generators are lighter than other competing brands with same functions.
You have a chance to earn high profits. EVERLAST offers numerous discounts to dealers based on the volume of their orders.
EVERLAST has excellent customer and warranty support. The company has a very low return rate. EVERLAST covers all warranty issues under its dealership program. The company's qualified and trained staff will deal directly with your customers on warranty issues, until your staff acquires the necessary expertise about these issues.
You can return defective units and this will be adjusted as credit for new units. EVERLAST offers on-the-spot credit for all warranty units, exceptgenerators that come from repair at the company's facility. Generators have only parts warranty.
EVERLAST offers Exclusive Dealer Rights in your area.
EVERLAST offers free labor and parts at our facility for all Plasma Welders and Cutters.
There is no minimum purchase order requirement.
EVERLAST offers free advertisement opportunities to our dealers at various avenues like Welding Magazines, Google and Industry focused publications etc. Your name will be mentioned on our website as an authorized dealer.
EVERLAST offers Drop Shipping facility for its dealers.
Free Customer Support via Email, our forum or phone.


Steps to EVERLAST dealership:

To qualify for this dealership program, you need to download and fill out the dealership form and fax it back to EVERLAST.
An EVERLAST sales representative will get in touch with you on your application status. The process is fairly quick.
Based on your conversation with an EVERLAST sales representative, you will be placed in one of the dealership programs.
Finalize orders including bulk orders. This dealership programs includes the facility of drop shipping and inventory to your customers.



Any queries regarding our dealership program, welders, or generators, please feel free to email us at sales@everlastgenerators.com.  Or contact us via our web forums at www.everlastgenerators.com