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Typhoon 330 (220/240V 1 and 3 Phase)

5 year
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Typhoon 330 (220/240V 1 and 3 Phase)
Typhoon 330 (220/240V 1 and 3 Phase)
Typhoon 330 (220/240V 1 and 3 Phase)
Typhoon 330 (220/240V 1 and 3 Phase)
Typhoon 330 (220/240V 1 and 3 Phase)

The new Typhoon 330 is a powerful member of the all new generation of TIG welders from Everlast. The Typhoon family has a long list of next-level features.  These features goes far beyond most all other TIG welders on the market.  As the top tier line of welders in Everlast's lineup of TIG welders, the Typhoon series has features that lead its class and establish a new standard for AC/DC TIG welders. The Typhoon 330 is a powerful machine that is coupled to an easy-to-use interface. The large 5.1" HD Color LCD screen features the ability to see and set all the parameters at-a-glance on a single screen without endless hidden menus or complicated series of button presses to access and adjust the parameters.

Looking beyond the apparent simplicity of intentional design, you will find a long list of well thought out features that include items like adjustable wave forms on DC pulse, five AC wave forms (yes, five), independent amplitude and split AC wave form control.  The list of features continue to peal back like an onion though, in AC mode,  with not only the ability to set AC amplitude (positive amperage vs negative amperage) independently, you can also set the machine to split each half of the ac cycle into one of the 5 separate wave forms, and set the AC frequency up to 400Hz.  The real difference comes through in AC advanced pulse though with a mixture of both AC and DC negative that allows you to achieve the penetration of a machine with 500A or more. Of course with a standard DC pulse frequency up to 999.9 Hz and the standard AC pulse frequency up to 400 Hz, you'll have maximum control on thin materials as well.

The unit, as mentioned, has five very finely tuned wave forms in AC that are far more stable than many of its competitors.  While the Typhoon has all the standard wave forms including Advanced Square, Soft Square, Triangular and Sine wave, it also has the industry's first Trapezoid wave form This gives a whole new feel and level control while welding Aluminum. When used in the split wave form mode as one half of the wave form, the resulting control and effect become mind blowing.  

Putting out 330A at max TIG output while sustaining a substantial 40% duty cycle elevates this machine over the competition with only 300A and lower duty cycles at maximum ouput. This Typhoon is capable of welding on 240 1phase or 3 phase input power without derating the duty cycle of the machine.  

If you are looking at the welder for use as a stick welder, the unit puts out one of the smoothest DC arcs you will find, which is perfectly suited for E7018 and similar rods. The arc is stable and spatter free. If you are needing E6010, it does have E6010 capability as well and works well in short and medium arc length conditions.  However, this unit is not suited for long arc E6010 or carbon arc gouging applications. The unit does feature an AC Stick function.  The AC selection allows you to adjust AC parameters to increase the penetration and travel speed of the rod while welding in AC mode.

This is a single and three phase 220/240V unit.  It cannot be used with 480V single or three phase power.  If 480V 3 phase power is needed, please select the 480V three phase version unit here.


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