Your Best Source For Welding Supplies, Part 4

Finding the best source on filler metals, gas and consumables part 4

Shopping for your best source of your welding supplies may take time. Really there is no rush unless you already have a welder and need to put it to work. But still even if you feel the pressure take time to make sure they know you. When you are ready to decide on your best store, ask them to re-explain their cylinder rent/lease/own policies and then inquire about a bottom dollar quote on the size gas cylinder you’ve selected and associated filling costs. Be aware that any rent or lease agreements will require a basic credit check in most chain stores, though a mom and pop may be more likely to request credit references. An outright purchase, if possible is ideal. But if you are lucky, you may receive a quote that is lower than the quote received over the phone. With price ever in mind, but quality a concern, local welding distributors usually do offer the best quality consumables and name brand filler metals. Usually when it comes to big ticket items other than gas, you may find the prices considerably higher due to lower volumes on items like welders and plasma cutters. The bonus of dealing with the local welding supply is that you have the opportunity to inspect them and even at times, try a sample of them before purchasing them. And of course, if you have any issues, someone you know will be more likely to make right on the spot without complicated return procedures or restock fees. Prices may not always be the best at a local welding supplier, (though more are seeing the internet as their competition and bringing prices in line) but a little extra money may buy a generous amount of convenience and of peace of mind.

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