What To Expect For 2013 Part 4

So last year, the AC/DC PowerPro series from Everlast received several “unannounced” updates internally. The PowerPro 205 was redesigned to mirror many of the welding features found in the PowerPro 256.

The PowerPro 256 received some internal strengthening in power output components and a few things were streamlined to reduce long term maintenance. This year the changes are visible with a complete refresh of the welding units external design and appearance. Welding features won’t change, with the exception of the added adjustable hot start for stick.

This year also will see new internal changes as new HF point design goes fully into effect, and larger IGBT modules are added to better handle and transmit the power fed in and out of them. One really important feature to note is that the plasma system on the PowerPro 256 has been altered to use the Trafimet s-75 blow back style torch. This torch change will mean that the HF no longer is an issue while using it for plasma cutting.

The S-75 is a proven torch that has been on the market for a while and is used currently by many companies worldwide in their plasma systems. It’s an 80 amp rated torch, so it’s got plenty of design room to handle anything the 60 amp Plasma can dish out.

Both welding units will share the common box of the PowerTIG analog and digital series. This new look features a flip down “visor” in the front of the machine to reduce damage caused by flying sparks and debris.