What To Expect For 2013 Part 3

While the digital units are the most prominent items for 2013, the existing analog design has been revamped for better reliability and performance internally while the exterior has undergone some serious updating.

The “new” look will share the freshly designed case of the new digital PowerTIG 255EXT and will feature a completely new user interface.  The addition of hot start control for stick is also a feature that is slated to be included as a helpful addition to those desiring to stick weld with the welding unit and want to increase the arc starting capability of the welding unit.

The PowerTIG 200 DX has now been officially released with dual voltage capabilities for 120/240 V operation, added a preflow feature and has increased the old 25 hz pulse frequency to 150 hz.  The PowerTIG 225 LX, has been refreshed considerably with a 250 hz pulse frequency which will set it right in the middle of the pile once again for those that need a little extra amperage, but don’t need all the bells and whistles of the top unit.

The 250 EX remains largely the same, with 500 hz on the pulse, but the look is fresh and new, enhancing the learning curve by making things more intuitive than ever.  The small welder in the line has not been forgotten either.  The PowerTIG 185 is completely reworked to add a stick weld feature along with a post flow and lift start capability.

For customers wanting the basics this welding unit is about as nice as they come.  All of the AC/DC units have received a considerable update.  Keep posted, because you may not believe your eyes when you see them.