What To Expect For 2013 Part 2

Well if having a new digital PowerTIG in the lineup isn’t exciting enough, then we have more excitement for you to try to handle.  The new Power I-MIG is being offered this year and will feature digitally controlled microprocessors.

The Power I-MIG will help control processes and parameters tightly so that the highest quality welds can be achieved. The new welding units, of course, will retain the stick weld feature of all our I-MIG line and function is expected to be improved. The Power I-MIG units will also feature new spool gun operation with adjustments to speed being able to be made right on the handle itself.  Pulse width modulation of the wire speed is also expected for smoother feeding and constant wire speed despite amp demand on the welder.

The Power I-MIG 200 digital will feature memory as well as the digital adjustment and a new case design.   It will produce 200 amps of power at 35% duty cycle. These welding units will also have improved wire roll holder which will allow easier fitment of the wire. If you find a setting you like and don’t wish to forget it, it features a 9 channel memory that can save the settings for you by selecting the channel where you wish to store the setting and save it all by simply pressing a single button.

Also significant, the price will be affordable and will be in keeping with our entire line of welders. If you are looking for welding units that can help achieve quality welds, then look for these units, they will be available by mid-February/early March at the latest.