What To Expect For 2013 Part 1

The New Year will bring more than just presents, and poorly kept resolutions at Everlast.  It will bring some fundamental changes to the lineup.  It will mean rolling out completely new welding machines, products, product line expansions, significant existing product updates, and even further quality and performance improvements. Soon to be released, the all-new PowerTIG 255 EXT digital microprocessor TIG stick unit will feature new styling and a more compact size over the PowerTIG 250 EXT.  The unit will feature digitally controlled parameters; memory, advanced AC pulse, and dedicated stick weld features that include hot start current and arc force control.  And the most important feature is that almost any foot pedal can be wired to work with the welder.  While still IGBT module design, that has proven itself over time, the Everlast PowerTIG 255 EXT will feature higher amperage modules, and a more robust construction technique. The welding machines will feature easy to read layout, with quick access to features that are usually hidden menu items in most competitor’s models.  The PowerTIG 255 EXT will be available as dual phase welding machines and will be capable of welding in either 240 V 1 phase, or 240 V 3 phase.  Also it will be available as a special order 480 V capability.  Duty cycle will be rated at 60% and the output will be 250 amps for TIG and 200 amps for stick weld. Just like our other inverter welders, the PowerTIG 255 EXT will sip power.  Multiple torch and accessory options are expected to be rolled out later to give the customer a wider variety of options. The US made pedal that is currently offered as an option with Everlast also will be available for the 250 EXT as soon as the welder arrives in the US.   These welding machines will also carry the 5 year warranty that is currently in effect in all the models.