What’s new for 2014 Part 7, TIG Welder - PowerTIG 255EXT

TIG Welder - PowerTIG 255EXT

TIG WelderAlthough we officially released the all-digital TIG Welder, the PowerTIG 255EXT last year, 2014 brings ramped up production and a few fine tunings to the model.    One of the largest improvements in the 2014 TIG welder design is better Power Factor Correction (PFC).   The improved PFC reduces overall amp draw, and smoothes out power from questionable power supplies that may have multiple products running on the same line.  This is also great for running on generators where the power supply is not considered “clean” where total harmonic distortion may be greater that 5%, but not more than 20%.  If you’ve never run a unit equipped with PFC, you’ll find that minute variations in power out due to changes in input on unstable power are nearly eliminated.   This year also brings in a new welding foot pedal which did not see production on the initial production run, but has been since integrated.   The best part about it, is that it is more compact and trouble spots from slipping on the old unit have been eliminated.   With both Infineon microprocessors and IGBT’s, the unit is proving to be a reliable work horse in many shops.   The “no hidden menu” design has been popular as well.  Features such as memory and stick hot start adjustments have been hits for the professionally minded TIG welder.  One of the most talked about features is the advanced pulse system which offers a combination of AC and DC current.  This allows the welder not only to achieve greater penetration on thick  aluminum materials with the DC current, but it also helps to create less warping on thin aluminum sheeting  with the rapid cooling that the bounce between AC and DC can bring. 

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