What’s new for 2014. Part 6 - PowerARC 280STH Stick/TIG Welder

Introducing Our PowerARC 280STH - First Stick/TIG Welder


stick welderWith the addition of the digital line of TIG welders, we are excited to announce the release of the first all digital DC PowerARC Stick/TIG welder.  The PowerARC 280STH Stick/TIG welder is fully digital with a micro-controller and power module built by Infineon.   It features excellent arc performance with E6010 electrodes thanks to  a separate setting for 6010 while stick welding.  The latest PowerARC features up to 250 amps stick and 280 amps TIG welding power with a 35% duty cycle at maximum amps features.  It will operate on 1 or 3 phase operation with 240V input.   The PowerARC 280STH  also features Voltage Reduction technology for safe operation where a VRD is required either by insurance or jobsite regulations.  This feature reduces OCV until the arc is struck.   Other important stick performance features include Hot Start time (duration), Hot Start intensity and Arc force control.  The unit also excels on DC TIG performance with full range of features including a pulse with up to 250 Hz and fully adjustable pulse time on and pulse amp ratio adjustments.  The solid state HF offers smooth, touch free arc starting with arc starts down to 5 amps.   2T/4T settings allow the unit to operate smoothly with the use of a torch switch or torch mounted amptrol.    There are so many features related to excellent performance with Stick or TIG, the PowerARC name moniker of our stick welders may seem a little out of place, but trust us, this unit fits perfectly under the label.  If you compare this to similar models such as the Miller Maxstar 280 CST or other units in its class, the PowerARC 280STH shines with a price tag right at $1000.00.  That’s small change for big performance.


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