What’s new for 2014 part 5 - Stick Welding | Tig Welding

Stick & Tig Welding With Our PowerARC 200ST

Stick WeldingAlthough we had a limited release of the PowerARC 200ST in the Canadian market last year, it never saw release in the United States until November of 2014 when we released our 2014 products.  The new PowerARC of course is primarily a stick welder, but it also has lift TIG function for DC TIG welding.  Lift TIG operation is an easy way to start TIG welding, with just a bare touch-down of the tungsten and quick lift up to start the arc.  It’s much smoother and easier than a scratch start.  Additionally you don’t get the sticking or the contamination that scratch starting is associated with either.    The unit is dual voltage as well which allows it to be used with single phase 120V, 240V power.   While output is limited on 120V, it is enough to handle all 3/32 electrodes and some 1/8” electrodes very well.  It also retains the 6010 performance that makes the PowerARC 200 a favorite choice of professionals.  Although the PA 200 standard unit isn’t going anywhere, we think that the new PA 200ST will offer additional appeal to customers as a capable all around stick welder.   Internal construction on the PA 200ST has been beefed up as well with integrating vertical board design, and improving internal connections making an more resilient unit. It’s been heavily pretested before release and it’s one of the most tested units to date.  We feel it has even better arc stability and smoothness.   With the addition of lift TIG and dual voltage design the one caveat that the buyer should know:  duty cycle has been reduced to 35%.  While this is a slight step down, it still offers good duty cycle and has a rating of 60% at 160 amps and 100% at 130 amps.   Sales are already soaring and comments have been overwhelmingly positive from Everlast PowerARC 200ST owners.

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Newly released PowerARC 200ST is a fantastic product made by you guys. You must see the website if you want your assignment done byus. I am using this product for more two years and I really like because of the presence of lift TIG operation that helps in starting TIG welding.