What’s new for 2014. Part 3

New Welding Website Continued

The new Everlast Power Equipment company welding website for 2014 includes broader welding video resources, easier to use navigation menus and direct access to the department that you need whether it’s sales, shipping, warranty, tech support, or general welding knowledge questions you might have.  Each department has both a number and a form where you can reach someone if talking live isn’t an option, whether you don’t have time to talk or you find a line busy.   This online form will ask all the necessary information from you so you can receive a direct response or call back.    It’s not meant to be point of frustration but one of more efficient service, and is expected to serve both Everlast and the customer well, by providing detailed records of questions, answers and service issues if they arise.   The welding product registration form has been revised  for improved clarity and ease of use.   To improve the ability to find the exact product you are looking for and to compare features, we’ve added a search form that allows the user to check off individual features and parameters that he/she is looking for.  While certain combination of features may not yield results, why wade through 240V and 3 phase machines when you are looking for 120V operation?    The user also has a check box on each product listing on the comparison page for a side by side comparison of each product with a full list of operating parameters that will open up in a new box.  The site also makes finding consumables and accessories much easier by adding a separate tab for each category and breaking each category in to subcategories of MIG, TIG, Stick and Plasma.   Whether it’s TIG torch from Everlast or CK worldwide, or consumables for your Trafimet S-75 torch, finding what you need with the information you need never has been easier.    

Your complete welding resourcce.


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