What’s new for 2014. Part 2

Everlast Power Equipment Launches Website:

For every company that wants to stay relevant and growing  has to do from time to time,  welding companies being no exception, updates and changes are vital and important to survival, whether it’s to the product line, marketing focus, or even websites.   Everlast Power Equipment has stepped out this year not only making product line changes, and working on more marketing venues but we are also rolling out a new, more friendly, customer oriented website which gives the user easier access to welding products and an easier way to locate the welding product that fits your needs.   The new website appearance is greatly changed, with much of the black and dark appearance going away in favor of a lighter, warmer color scheme.  This will help improve readability and help customers located exactly what they are looking for without losing it in the black.  Drop down menus now include the exact product (with a sample thumbnail) you are looking for within each category so you can see all the  product at a quick glance, and go directly to the product itself for purchase.   Additionally each product category now features brief summaries of each product with the ability to purchase or lease the product directly from the comparison page.   Quick views with blown up images of the product and more details can be readily accessed along with warranty information without ever having to leave the comparison page.   If more in depth information is needed you can click directly on the product and it will carry you to a details page with all the information will be accessible by category.   Here you can purchase, lease or make a competitive price match request if a lower price is found elsewhere.  Welding Videos about the product may also be featured as well on the details page.   Easier access to manuals and brochures have been included with the ability to access most manuals and brochures direct from the details page as well.

Contact us today for all your welding needs, Everlast Power Equipment has the products for any size welding job. 


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