Welding Water Cooler PowerCool WC300 - What’s new for 2014 part 11

welding water cooler powercool wc300The look of the welding water cooler PowerCool WC 300 has not changed since its introduction in 2009.   There’s been no need.  We’ve added quick couplings and that’s about it.  We’re still using the copper construction method, the stainless steel pump and industrial motor that’s built in Italy.  Overall, it may seem humdrum, but this is one the best built welding water coolers on the market and works well with any of our PowerTIG, Power iTIG or PowerPro models.   Due to increasing demand for a watercooler that could be used in 120V environments, and some that could be used anywhere, we are now releasing the PowerCool WC 300 120V and the PowerCool WC 300 dual 120V/240V welding water coolers in addition to the standard PowerCool WC 300 240V.   The new 120V unit features a plug for 120V and the 240V cooler features the standard 240V powered plug Everlast uses in all their TIG  machines so that quick connection to the rear of the TIG machine is possible.   The dual voltage machine however currently does not feature a plug (subject to change without notice) and some models of the 240V unit are available without the special plug as well for standard outlet connection.   All units feature the same basic welding water cooling capacity and flow rates.   This will hopefully increase the utility of the PowerCool welding water coolers for use with non Everlast product lines and give people a viable option to higher priced coolers on the market.  The 120V price is the same as the 240V price but someone considering the dual voltage unit should expect to pay about 50.00 more.


Everlast Power Equipement, your welding water cooler experts.


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