Welding tricks and tips:

* Clean as best as you are able to with acetone and carbide burr.... an uncouth burr that wont load up.

* make use of az101 filler rod.

* preheat to approximately 300f.

* make use of similar tig machine settings as for aluminum.

* light up and boost amperage until it hardly puddles. If it does not puddle dirt free stop, burr, wire brush, do again as many times as needed to get it to puddle dirt free.

* Oil gets into the pores of this material and it takes a while on occasion to obtain sufficient out to welding dirt free.

* make use of a much closer arc length than for aluminum...similar to so close that you think it’s too close up.

* weld little beads and clean in between with your little 90 air grinder and a carbide burr and after that a stainless wire brush.


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