Welding Related Tools You Might Need Part 2

Locking pliers are common throughout most welding shops. Just as with C and Bar clamps, the types of locking pliers are numerous. Each one has a specific purpose or application. The misconception is that these are just mechanics’ tools. These “over center pliers” can be used for anything, including the welding trade. In fact, companies like Irwin tools have specialized these “grips” for many different applications…most of them are welding related. There are locking C types with either flat adjustable pads or hard contact points for the jaws which hold almost any metal shape or size in place. One of my favorites is the one with the deep throats that can clamp an object down on a table over a foot away. For more delicate items, there are smaller clamps which can be used such as the needle nose types which feature long narrow noses to hold something, delicate or possible something like a tab to be welded in a corner joint. One of the best ones are the sheet metal clamps which have long, broad jaws which are designed to grip large areas and either form a seam or two pieces for tacking up. Also, there are chain locking pliers which hold metal pipe in position so it can be welded, twisted or turned. Or if need be, it can be used to couple uneven surfaces together to be welded. There are many other types, and a With locking pliers, your imagination is the limit. But rest assured, if you need something to hold or do something while welding no matter the angle or position, they have invented a locking plier for it.