Welding Project #1- Welding Table Part 5

A final part of the welding table is knowing how to finish it out. There will always be something that you will find that you need to add. A common item that is commonly added is a cutting grid that will allow you to cut pieces of metal. This can be a small box with expanded metal, or even catwalk material that allows you to make cuts without totally destroying the cutting surface. Another way is to turn up pieces of flat bar on end and space them every inch so that they are flush across the top. Periodically this cutting surface will need to be replaced, so make sure it is easy to remove the cutting surface.

Another useful item you may find is a TIG torch or MIG torch holder that allows you to rest the torch without it dropping or getting in the way. This may be a simple piece of pipe that acts as a “holster” or a nicely crafted piece of plate cut so that the torch will rest in a cradled position. A concern also is how to weather proof the table. All welding tables will eventually rust. So painting it is a concern. The biggest issue is with the surface. If you have a finely prepared surface, that is useful for layout, the last thing you need is burnt and chipping paint causing interference. The metal can be polished to a shine with a flap disk, and maintained in a nearly new condition by occasionally burnishing it with some sort of vegetable based oil like linseed. Alternately you can use anti spatter compound which will help keep the table looking like new and can be easily cleaned.