Welding Project #1 - Welding Table Part 4

After you have gotten the basic design down good question to ask is how you can increase the utility of a welding table. There are a few nice items you can add to the table that can really increase the usability of the table. The first is to add rolling wheels. Having at least two out of four wheels with swiveling casters helps to get the table where you need it, whether out on the concrete apron in front of your shop or over in the corner out of the way. The weight limit of the wheels should be noted, not just for the weight of the table, but figure at least twice the weight of the table to hold any project you may put on top of the table. Additionally a bottom shelf also adds great storage space. If you have several welders and a plasma cutter, consider using at least part of the shelf to provide storage for the welders themselves.

Adding a tilted shelf that points the welder face upwards will help gain easy access to the welder when adjustments are needed to be made. This will also prevent you from leaning way over to see the settings. Making a tool holder with some square tubing welded to the frame of the table, similar to a receiver hitch on a truck or car will also give you some added versatility. This way the right tool is always mounted for the job, and if you need to change tools, you can swap it out swiftly if the tools are premounted to mounting plate that slides into the receiver. This is good for vice work, or mounting a ring roller or a hand pipe bender. The good thing is that imagination is the limit with this type of tool holder, because it allows nearly anything to be mounted temporarily but firmly to the table. Another item for consideration is possibly an old tire rim mounted to the side to hold any cables and hoses. Or some sort of T shaped handle that will allow cables to be wound up and out of the way.


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