Welding Project #1 - Welding Table Part 2

As we discussed in part 1 height is important to a table. To sum up,on average most welding tables stand between 34-40 inches tall depending upon the operator's height. Another factor is the comfort level it provides at the selected height when seated. This is worth considering since a lot of welder’s find themselves trying to obtain a more comfortable welding position.

The next dimensions, of course are depth and length. A good welding table must fit the size of the shop it is in, otherwise it can be a problem. With that said, a welding table that is too small is almost worth nothing. Make sure that it will have sufficient length and width to hold as big of project as you can dare dream of, without sacrificing too much shop space. Even for a minimum size table go no smaller than 2 by 3 foot for best utility.

A lot of welders find that working off a round table top makes things easier than a square top. Round edges allow equal access all the way around the table so that a consistent height reach is required without straining. Round tables also won’t take a bite out of your arm or side when you are maneuvering around the work piece with your hood down. Also, if needed, it makes it easy to roll around to the next place the table is needed if it is turned on it’s side. Also make sure that the table support legs and frame work are set far enough away from the edge of the table top to offer a lip so that clamps can be fixed to the edge.