Welding On a Budget: Price versus Value

A lot of our customers seek us out because our products make good financial sense. No doubt we save them money, but factoring in the warranty and other factors, we really do offer a good product value. Unfortunately we get a lot of calls from customers shopping for the lowest welder price they can find on a welder, unknowingly trying to compare apples with oranges. But just because you find the lowest price you can on a product you are looking for doesn’t mean you got the best deal.  There’s a lot more to a product than the lowest common denominator of price. There’s performance, technology, welding quality control, construction type, and yes even service.  These are the most common factors to consider when making a purchase, though there are definitely more than that. The welder price is definitely a legitimate factor. However, you cannot only look at price if you want long term satisfaction. It just doesn’t work that way.  More than 99 times out of 100, if you are seeking only the lowest cost for a product type, you will be racked with buyer’s remorse.  The purchase is definitely a thrill, and the expectation of arrival can keep you on the edge of your seat, but the moment it arrives, you will be quickly reminded of exactly why the product you bought was the lowest prices, especially when it comes to a welder.    Now, at Everlast we think we offer  a good mix of all the most common factors you need to consider.   First, we have a good price.  No we aren’t always the cheapest, though we are far from the highest priced product on the market.   Second we have the technology.  We use standard,electronic components that make up our advanced inverter design units.   No, we don’t use specially made components as some of our competitors do to artificially inflate the welder price, but rather we use well known and easy to source electronic items that are used in an advanced design that streamlines cost and improves serviceability.  Second, as mentioned, the advanced design improves the welding quality by reducing the specially made components that some manufacturers arbitrarily use to increase the cost of service to their customers.  Long term costs can be much higher than the actual cost of purchase.  The IGBT inverter design is the standard technology that is widely used for inverters in the US and Canada.  This alone helps propel the Everlast mark into the big leagues for design, and reliability.   We also have a long list of checkpoints that are made on the units before ever leaving the factory.  Then after the sale, we have a staffed service/support team that is read to help you long after the sale is complete.    Additionally we offer a long 5 year warranty which helps lend credibility to our claims.  Since being in business for nearly 10 years, our warranty has proven itself, even when people would sneer at the fact we were so bold as to offer such a long warranty.  People would say it was a gimmick but it was, and is not.  It’s a good business plan is what it is.   But it is not a good business plan if you are only evaluating the standard of money if you want the highest satisfaction possible with the product you own.



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