Welding with an auto-darkening welding helmet part 5

Keep in mind that many welding helmets support both auto darkening and non auto darkening lenses, especially the older, established brands.  So if you have a helmet already that is comfy and broken in that you can’t bear to part with, you may be able to swap out the lens and retain your existing helmet.   In some cases, though this may not be possible.  When you are evaluating a new helmet or filter, look at the ease of adjustment.  Is the shade adjustable without having to dismount your helmet? If it is, there will usually be an external knob on the side of the helmet, near the temple area, that can infinitely adjust the shade on the fly with a quick twist.  Others may require removal of the helmet and gloves to be able to twist or punch a contact button to change shades.

This is usually a deal killer, as many very fine brands require you to remove your helmet to make adjustments. 

Just be aware that the outside mounted adjustment option exists and it doesn’t necessarily follow price points or name brands.   Since we’ve touched on comfort, make sure your auto dark fits you well, and has plenty of adjustments for the peculiarities of your head. Some well-known brands may offer different head bands at different price points so be sure you check out the helmet fit and comfort as much as you check out the quality of the lens.

An uncomfortable helmet will usually get tossed across the room in a fit of rage sooner or later.