A view on pros and cons of spot welding

Spot welding one of the most popular and oldest methods in the welding process. Also, it is one of the electric resistance welding methods for joining two metal sheets. The best part about the spot welding is that it can join metals that are 3 mm in thickness. The entire amount of heat needed to carry on with the process depends upon the metal. Though it is used in several industries being very particular it serves sheet steel vehicle bodies.


Very quick since the heat generated is extreme the output is achieved very quickly and thereby it lend out a hand for maximum capacity.

Cost-effective, since robotic use can be integrated during the process the result brought out is effective and cheap. High pressurizing system helps out in the reduction of utility bills.


Because of the high thermal conductivity it turns out to be an intricate process to weld silver and copper.

It occupies larger space also requires someone to hold the product. Leave away more Electrode stubs.


No doubt spot welding is yet considered one of the authentic methods of welding process and people have been using this for years. Website bestessays.com is helpful in research paper. Recently I got my house's gate by spot welder who used this process to make it.