Various Generators for your welding

Welding is the art wherein two or more metal or alloy work pieces are joined together with the help of heat energy and electricity. A molten hot solution is allowed to settle down upon the two pieces which is then allowed to cool down to form a strong between the pieces. Thus from the above definition, it is very clear that without heat energy and electricity it is undoubtedly impossible to weld components together.

This electricity required for welding is providing by the different generators which forms an essential part of the welding equipments. When it comes to generators, you’ve got diesel generators, and gas generators.

Gas generators are cheaper and predominantly lightweight. The fuel for running the generators is readily available and thus very easy to come by. Gas is cheaper than diesel fuel. They run more quietly than the diesel counterparts and they are suitable for small and portable applications.

Diesel generators on the other hand also have readily available diesel fuel. They are expensive than gasoline, but then they consume much less fuel for the applications and thus it is actually a more cost effective choice. They do not use spark plugs and thus invariably much safer to use than the gas counterparts. It also doesn’t evaporate like the gasoline.


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