Trouble shooting a problem part 3

One of the first things we here in a tech support call is “Hey, this welder is broken or…something”. Well yes, things do break. Anything made by human hands can malfunction. But in many cases we resolve issues quite well over the phone. Odds are greater than not that your call to tech support will result in a successful resolution of your problem or issue.

Most tech calls aren't caused by unit issues. But in the event that there is a bonified, confirmed issue, don’t panic. We’ll take care of you as quickly as we can. There are a couple of things you can do that will help speed along the process, though. Whenever you call in, be sure to give us all the information you can. Everything. That means the steps you have already completed yourself, the model of your unit, the approximate purchase date and yes, whether you have read through the manual or not. Every shred of information helps us to figure out whether it should be sent in for repair or not. Neither we nor the customer wish to have to send it in, so we will do our best to isolate the problem over the phone.

Bear with us as we ask elementary questions so that we can establish a common ground of understanding. We may even ask the same question twice, only in a different way. We’re not trying to catch a customer in a lie. We just must make sure we understand the answer so our responses will be clear and accurate. In many cases, some of the biggest issues with customer support is simply miscommunication where one party did not clearly communicate with the other.

Everlast seeks to provide the best support we can to all of our customers. Anytime a customer has an issue, we know it is an inconvenience, and we want to be on top of our game in getting a speedy resolution to the issue. But keep in mind that if it is a unit issue, it does take a little time to repair it, test it, and retest it to make sure it is correctly fixed.   We hate to send a unit back that a part was fixed on that did not get a thorough going over to see if anything else was amiss. This only costs more money and time.


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