Tips for Tig-welding - How to secure most benefits:

The reason of this post on tips for Tig welding, to be occasionally updated some questions of our readers, is to revive basic facts and to help resolve practical problems. We consider that even knowledgeable welders may occasionally fail to remember those Tig welding tips features they don’t use frequently sufficient, so that small moments dedicated to this post will revive fundamental knowledge that adds to your talent and presentation.

Tig welding Advantages:

• High excellence welds, small distortion
• simple to mechanize and automate
• Flexibility and simplicity of heat control
• All metals, all positions

Tig welding Limitations:

• Lower deposition rates
• Good quality skills necessary
• Sensitive to cleanliness and contamination
Arc blow sensitive


There are many different types of welding. Which field are you working with? This post will be helpful for those welders who are working in the Tig welding area.  additional resources They are sharing some good information. Read it for sure.