Tips for improving plasma cutting efficiency

Plasma cutters are considered as user friendly tools and many would feel tempted to take the plasma cutter for plasma cutting jobs. However consider certain practices that would help you in increasing the efficiency and quality of the cutting.

• You must necessarily read the owner's manual thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the safe and proper operation of the plasma cutting equipment. This would help in optimizing the capabilities of the machine.

• Before making the original cutting, make a sample cut on the same type of material with which you intend to work so that you can ensure that you are using the right settings and travel speed.

• While you are performing longer cuts, it is difficult to stop in between to clan and then continue. So practice your movements before pulling the trigger to ensure that you would get adequate freedom of movement for making one continuous cut.

• If your plasma cutter has a drag shield, make complete use of it. it would allow you to rest the torch on the work piece while maintaining an optimal stand off without the tip touching the metal.

• For maintaining optimal distance between tip and work piece, use the non cutting hand for supporting the other hand.


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