Tips for eye protection and best weld:

The most excellent way to see what is going on is to contain the correct shade welding lens. Some people used to work for a shop where the application called for heavy duty double shielding welding, flux core and gas on 1/2” steel.

A # 14 lens is the best for guard and seeing the deepness of puddle.

Some other guys would use #12 because they create them in plastic, and would be lighter in their hood they will be flipping up & down every day. Many people would use a glass #14 with a lot best results that saved face at the finish of a work week.

Some say it’s too heavy and how can you observe where you are welding. The answer is easy, know what you are welding & pay attention to the puddle.

This process goes for the entire type of welding and cutting.

The correct shade will let you see the material better, all in all an easy answer to your security and excellence work.