TIG Welding- A Concept:

Accuracy, Precise results, ease of use, skilled craftsmanship, economical and profits. These are some of the basic requirements any company would basically look out for. And so does the mechanical industries. Mechanical industries require a lot of cutting and welding of metals and alloys for their manufacturing. In fact manufacturing is the backbone for profits for these mechanical industries and when it comes to welding, they prefer TIG welding. It is simply because TIG welding provides the most accurate welds and welding is something that has to be perfect and no one can tend to bend their expectations. TIG welding stands for Tungsten Inert Gas Welding.

TIG welding has several advantages. One among them is that it does not have flux and thus, we can weld components of appliances such as refrigerators. Welding can be done in different positions. There is no splatter effect during the welding procedure. It is highly precise in producing results and thus very helpful when thin metals are involved in the manufacturing procedure.

As they provide high quality precise results several industries prefer this welding technique. Some among them are chemical, aircraft, atomic and instrument manufacturing industries. TIG welding is preferred especially when non ferrous metals are involved in the manufacturing requirements.

Differences between TIG and MIG are as follows;

Tig uses non consumable electrode method and MIG uses vice versa.
Tig uses tungsten electrodes
Tig uses constant current supply while MIG uses constant voltage supply
Tig is used for high temperature applications


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