TIG Welder Buying Tips:

A Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welder uses non consumable tungsten electrodes, which act as a torch, and melts the weld metal. TIG welders are helpful when welding 2 broad pieces of metal jointly without having to make use of filler. TIG welders are useful in motorbike service areas and garages for welding the frames of bikes and cars together. With the follow steps useful when you buy a TIG welder,

* Go to your nearest welding supply shop. A TIG welder is a particular welder that cannot be found at a construction provide store

* Look in the classifieds of publications of local magazines. Here you might find a TIG welder that somebody is selling-and it can be at a excellent cost. Be sure to inquire the owner question and take a look at the TIG welder previous to buying it.

* Look at eBay. Yes, even eBay has TIG welders. You will require asking the purchaser questions about the welder's the past and more. Maybe, if the vendor is close to sufficient, you may be able to select up the TIG welder yourself and save on shipping.

* Visit online retailers. Retailers like Welders Direct or Welding Mart hold TIG welders and would be clever to answer any questions you may have.

* Consider the company of the TIG welders themselves. Many companies have their own websites link everlast. Call the companies straight and inquire a lot of questions. These vendors are the finest product source for welders.