A synopsis of different welding types

Many tools and equipments are developed by the welding industry. It is necessary to update our knowledge constantly about the tools to stay ahead in business. Updating our knowledge is required mainly required due to the never-ending process of technological innovation. Technology is updated every single day, mainly due to technological innovation. The different types of welding products are mig, tig, stick and submerged arc, each type uses different tools for welding. The laborers working in welding industries like to posses tools suitable for their work. A mig welding meets all the requirement of welding. The power series of tig welding is focused more on the aspect of convenience. Tig welding products are designed in such a way to weld steel and stainless steel. This design makes the welding product easier to weld in field and garage. Power series such as power tig 250EX and power tig 315DX are 3 phase machines with high efficiency. Power arc welder is a product specially designed for stick welders. This is used in large scale to weld garage, factory, shipyard and pipeline. It is also used for welding steel, aluminum and cast iron.


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