Stud welding

Stud welding is a form of spot welding. Here all the energy is concentrated into one spot to create a weld. The specialty of a stud welding is that a bolt is especially created for the purpose of welding and a nut is fed into the bolt to form the weld. The bolts are very often fed into the automatic spot welder.  The weld nuts will have a flange that will meet with the bolt to form a weld. The stud welding is also known as a stud arc welding. This welding type joins a stud and a bolt together for the purpose of welding. A flux called ferrule is used in stud welding. This flux will concentrate the heat that is generated so that the welding can be carried out. These form very effective welds and make sure that sturdy bonds are formed. The most common applications would be shipbuilding bridges are other huge steel structures.