Spot Welder with Robots - Advantages:

More than half of today's manufacturing robots are spot welders. That's since there are lot of advantages to selecting them. The following are some reasons to spot weld with robots:

1). Spot Welding Guns are weighty:

The guns used for spot welding applications are between the largest and heaviest. They frequently consider as much as 200lbs. This bulk and weight be able to be hard for the regular worker to handle day in and day out. Robots, on the other hand, work with no tiredness.

2). Spot Welding is unsafe:

Not only are spot welding guns hard to use, but the work surroundings formed by spot welding is full of dangerous sparks and welding vapors. With robots, workers are able to manage the process from a secure distance.

3). Repeatability is dangerous for Spot Welding:

One of the major advantages of robotic spot welding is consistency. A typical automotive frame can need more than 100 welds. With physical spot welding, workers are able to make a defective product by under or over-welding a part. This in twist leads to needless cost and waste. Robots are programmed to weld in the similar place at the similar rate, each single time. This saves cash and effort by generating a reliable, high-quality product each time.

4). Spot Welding wants Speed:

Robots are efficient, fast employees. They do not modify their actions or waste energy unnecessarily. It is simple to augment the speed of your spot welding line by addition robots. Multiple robots can be orchestrated to spot weld a product additional efficiently than multiple human workers can be.

5). Spot Welding is most excellent When Flexible:

Spot welding robots adapt to different parts and situations with simplicity. Employees require time to train and study about new parts and processes, but a robot is planned quickly for every new task. With robots, there isn't a knowledge process. Robots can accommodate a broad variety of part sizes and shapes.


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