Some Points about Wire Feed Welders:

• Make in no doubt the machine leads are hooked up with the electrode positive.

• Put flow meter gas flow to about 20-25 cfh.

• Use the correct size drive rollers to match the wire you are using.

• Make sure the contact tip is flush with the nozzle.

• Put Voltage and wire feed speed using the diagram that comes by the engine you are using.

• Hold the torch close to the work so that there is merely about 1/2" of wire sticking out from the contact tip to the weld.

• Don’t get carried away with torch viewpoint...5-10 degrees works in either way for many applications.

• Practice on scrap before you weld the real deal.

• If the weld you are manufacture is critical, do some destructive tests with a hammer on a mock up weld first.

• Get an auto darkening welding helmet so you know accurately where to light up.


Welding is one of the great profession which is done by many men. Since it is a very hard-working job men usually prefer this. Here they provided some of the points that should be remembered while doing wire feed welding works    largest cannabis grow