Slope In MIG Welding

Slope in MIG welding is defined as the rate of drop in voltage as the amperage increases while welding. It is also known as the volt ampere curve. This affects the pinch point timing of the weld, or in more simple terms, it affects where the wire is pinched off and melted into a ball before it transfers to the puddle during the weld. A related term is called inductance, which is what controls the slope, and they are often referred to interchangeably since the net effect is the same. Many of the transformer welders have fixed slope. The fixed slope welders may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer in exactly how much slope is put into the machine. Some of the older, and larger transformer welders did have limited slope adjustment, or special taps that would change the inductance of the welder. Modern inverters are easily equipped with adjustable slope. Everlast I-MIG welders feature adjustable slope / welding inductance controls on their welders from 160 amps and up. This feature allows the customer to tailor the bead profile, penetration, spatter and overall arc characteristic as they weld. It’s an important feature that many people never get to use because they have only the basic transformer welders. The difference a little slope adjustment makes can be the difference in a lot of wasted time cleaning up spatter, or no time at all spent on cleanup. Across other brands, inverter welders are more expensive, but Everlast has created a reliable MIG welder that holds its own in both performance and durability against the competition’s transformer MIGS.


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