Short note on Welding Gloves:

If you are working under hard and unsafe conditions, it is important to use the right personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes necessary accessories like welding gloves. Welding clothing gives guard against metal splashes, fire and sparks and ultraviolet rays. Welding clothing like welding outerwear, welding pants, welding jackets and welding accessories are regularly manufactured from fireproof natural fibers and / or heat-resistant leather. Keep in mind, for all time verify your welding gloves for any defects previous to using and don’t use near moving machines. For all time use the correct welding gloves for the job at hand. Welding gloves are particular equipment and must not be used for the incorrect job, e.g., handling pesticides. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us and we will try and locate the piece for you. All our products have a 120% assurance and we pride ourselves on our fast, welcoming, well-organized and dependable service.