Selecting A Grinder For Your Welding Hobby/Occupation - Part 2

Choosing the right grinder for your welding material. Part 2

A few years ago, I walked up to the front door of my local machine shop. This shop has millions of dollars of the latest CNC equipment churning out a wide variety of product for customers all over the world. Piled up on the outside of the doorway, in a large box, were about a dozen grinders in various stages of disassembly. Every color and brand seemed to be represented in the box. It was obvious that they were slated for disposal. I asked the owner what one of the brands he used lasted the longest. He shrugged his shoulders, and said “It doesn’t matter, they all tear up out here even the expensive ones.” That got me to thinking with my own grinder experiences. What he said seemed true, though I felt that he was maybe missing something in the comparison. Any product that is being used outside of its intended duty or application will not last long. Many companies offer different levels of performance in their grinders. One of the key ways to determine the longevity and intended purpose of a grinder is to check the amp rating on a grinder. Lower amp ratings mean that the grinder was not meant for serious heavy duty performance. Amp ratings, 7 amps or less on a 4 or 4.5 inch grinder are for light or medium duty applications. Amp ratings of 7 to 10 are for medium to heavy. And amp ratings of over 10 are intended more for industrial applications.

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