Pros and Cons of CNC Plasma Cutter:

Pros of CNC Plasma Cutter:

• Fast: no preheating necessary, so the torch can start cutting instantly. With speeds up to 500IPM, it can rival laser cutters based on the type of part.
• Versatile: capable of piercing, complicated cutting and beveling in one process. Plasma cutters can successfully cut any electrically conductive metal up to 6" thick.
• Precise: paired with state of the art software and high accuracy components, the want for expensive secondary operations is eliminated. The torch head is computer controlled, making clean, sharp cuts.
• High Cut Quality: fewer dross and high superiority edges. Tight integration between the cutting torch and software results in high superiority manufacture.
• Easy to Use: while a CNC engine may seem complex, the CNC (computer numerically controlled) software takes most of the guess work out of cutting. With a state of the art package, even a first time worker is capable of creating wonderful outcome.
• Safe: most excellence systems offer an exhaust or down draft system to draw smoke away from the operator.

Cons of CNC Plasma Cutter:

• Hardened Edges: the plasma cutter will create a warmth affected region and harden the edges of the material being cut.
• Dross: Many plasma cut parts will contain some dross that wants to be cleaned from the part but this has been minimized with today's elevated performance plasma cutting systems.
• Cost: CNC plasma cutters can price more, but faster cutting speed and high cut quality permit for earlier making with less labor intensive secondary operations. The long term efficiency and accurateness are elements which figure into the overall price of a plasma cutter, not simply the price.