Product Buying Guide Part 8

Sandwiched between the PowerTIG 250EX and 200DX is the rugged AC/DC PowerTIG 225 LX. Its amperage level is just right for many people that do not want to invest in a more expensive welding machine.  It easily handles ¼” and gives you plenty of room to take on a little more.

The PowerTIG 225 LX shares similar circuitry to the 250EX and features module construction. The module construction makes maintenance and repair over the long haul a cinch, and reduces costs of repair should anything happen. This componentized system also improves durability. The PowerTIG 225 LX features panel amp adjustment with the foot pedal, and also features AC frequency and Balance control found on the PowerTIG line.

Honestly, it is probably the least talked about unit in our line, because it shares so many features of its bigger sibling, but that does not mean it isn’t a great welding unit to own.  The typical PowerTIG 225 LX owner is someone who appreciates having more power, but doesn’t feel the need to buy the biggest thing he can.  He also appreciates the features, but realizes that the extreme adjustability isn’t something that is needed to make a satisfactory weld.

The pulse frequency of this welding unit is lower than the 250EX, but it still produces a sound weld, and has the same buttery soft TIG arc that is so appreciated by our customers throughout our TIG line.  Don’t forget the unmatched duty cycle of the PowerTIG 225 LX which is 60% at 225 amps. Where else will you find such a duty cycle on a welding machine of this class?

If you are looking for a little better performance than the PowerTIG 200DX, and don’t need the dazzling array of adjustments of the 250EX, the PowerTIG 225 LX is probably the welding machine you will want to take a look at.