Product Buying Guide Part 6

If you've decided on an analog style AC/DC TIG, then you've got a wide selection of welding units to choose from.  Everlast offers a full range of TIG welders from 185 to 315 amps in AC/DC setup.  If you are considering basic TIG welders, one that will get the job done in most situations, then the PowerTIG 185 is likely the best choice.

The PowerTIG 185 has limited features, and most functions are controlled automatically. It is only 185 amps but with 35% duty cycle, it is still a respectable performer on aluminum up to 3/16”. Given the right circumstances the PowerTIG 185 can weld up to ¼” with the proper preparation.  Its basic features include lift start/hf start selector, foot pedal capability, AC Frequency, AC balance control, and now, post flow control.

The AC frequency and AC balance control are excellent for getting “more” out of the modest 185 amps the welding units put out.  The adjustability of the 185’s AC controls equal that of the PowerTIG 250EX. This can be used to increase the penetration and arc focus.

Class competitors like Miller Diversion lack this feature.  Also, new PowerTIG 185 welding units also feature dual voltage capability.  Of course in 120V mode, you do not have the same output as you would with 240V volts, but in a pinch, being able to make a satisfactory weld where there is no access to 240V is invaluable.  It does not have add on controls like pulse, or extended slope settings for torch switch operation, but it does the job it’s intended to do, and that job is to w-e-l-d.