Product buying guide part 4

If you need more than just your DC TIG welder, because you are going to weld aluminum, or the more rare chance you will be working with magnesium, then the AC TIG welder or DC TIG welder from Everlast are likely what you will need to consider.

AC does indeed give you the ability to weld Aluminum.  A frequent misconception is that the AC TIG welder is also needed to weld stainless, copper or titanium.  It is not. The DC TIG welder is best for these metals.  AC is only for Aluminum and Magnesium, as we said earlier. So, if Aluminum is in your future, you’ll definitely need AC TIG welder.

Everlast offers two series of PowerTIG welders.  The regular PowerTIG line is analog.  The Analog welders does not mean it is a transformer based welder, but rather it uses solid state circuitry that is regulated by a series of circuits that have conventional relays and components in them to switch and control the functions.  A digital welder typically means that the welder has at the very center of the controls, a microprocessor which acts similarly to your computer which processes all the information and programming constantly to maintain and adjust the welder functions.

These feature “software” which is preloaded into the welder to tell processor exactly what it is to control, and how much or how little, with digitally encoding buttons or knobs that replace the conventional potentiometer/rheostats of the analog machines. Analog welders do feature digital circuits, but these are not software controlled, and are not centrally controlled by a “microprocessor”.  Rather they act independently based off of analog signals.