Product Buying Guide part 26

Since the PowerTIG line officially rolled out in March/April of 2009, these welding units have garnered a lot of national attention. The old school die hards were rocked back on their heels about anything not red or blue. Admittedly, it made some people mad to discover they had overpaid for their name brand units and then find one that is comparably equipped for less than half the price.

Early on people questioned the ability of the welding units to have any real performance, and even staying power in the market, being a nothing but a novelty item. But nearly 4 years later, critics have grown accustomed to the green welding units and realize they are here to stay.  This year, Everlast really wanted to improve its overall customer base and brought out an entirely new line of true, microprocessor controlled digital machines.

The new PowerTIG 210EXT (T stands for digital in our line now) certainly has been another attention grabber, offer more features and performance level than even the analog series. The PowerTIG 210EXT features wave form control, adjustable starting parameters, solid state HF, and a whole host of additional features.

The most significant is the memory feature which will now store up settings and remember up to 9 favorite programs.  This is well liked by all who use it. The other development is the advanced pulse feature in TIG designed for use with aluminum. This pulse alternates between AC and DC during the pulse cycle allows the welder to weld thinner material than ever before without losing travel speed or overheating the metal.

The PowerTIG 210EXT has been favorably received all the way around and is sure to equal the popularity of the analog series (which aren’t going anywhere and aren’t being replaced anytime soon).