Product Buying Guide part 25

When the Everlast PowerUltra first came on the market, it was one of the first IGBT multi units with a plasma cutter to make it to the US.  It has been a reliable, stable work horse for those not needing to weld aluminum.   It has been an economical solution for many part timers/project guys who don’t need or expect a lot of daily use out of their welding units.

The PowerUltra 205 was the first unit introduced back in 2009.  It features 200 amps of TIG power, and 160 stick amps of stick power, along with a 50 amp, blow back style plasma.  Earlier this year, the PowerUltra line saw the introduction of the PowerUltra 250 which puts out 250 amps of DC TIG power, 200 for Stick and 50 for plasma. This is a good unit for the person who occasionally needs an extra burst of power.

Also earlier this year, the welding units saw the first major change in features since its introduction: pulse.  These units now feature a preset pulse that allows the operator to select a simple two speed pulse (high or low) that is evenly balanced to perform most welding tasks that pulse is well suited for.  The slow setting is around 1 hz for creating a “stacked” appearance, and the fast setting is around 25 hz for creating better heat control on the edge of a seam.

Both welding units are user friendly of course, without a lot of extra confusing controls or features.  Setup and adjustment is straight forward.  Perhaps that is why the PowerUltra continues to be a strong seller in the market place.