Product Buying Guide part 17

The Power i-MIG 205P is very similar to the capabilities of the 205P that we have had in our lineup since the beginning of the “Power” series. But it coexists with the standard 205 model and has its own market share. The Power i-MIG 205P from Everlast is definitely in a very unique market niche. It features pulse MIG welding. This is not a pulse on pulse, or “double pulse”, welder.

However it is a single pulse machine that pulses voltage between two given levels and provides great heat control while welding. Its pulse is pulse designed for spray transfer welding. The spray transfer process is very fast and hot and sometimes can lead to severe deformation of the metal and creation of large Heat Affected Zones (HAZ).  The pulse spray that the welder performs helps to reduce heat while maintaining the high speed weld capability of the pulse. The Power i-MIG 205P is fairly small for a pulse spray welder, but can maintain it for lighter gauge wire and is especially suited to welding aluminum.

This unit, as all the other i-MIG welders that Everlast offers, features sticks welding capability, along with arc force control. It features inductance control for MIG and spool gun capability. The spool gun is a highly recommended option for this unit since many people use the pulse feature for welding aluminum. It is a great price point and the portability of this welder is unmatched.